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I photobombed this selfie a guy I didn’t know was taking of him and his beer at a bar on Friday. He was a good sport and sent me the picture, but I’ve gone from it making me giggle hysterically and planning to post it here, to feeling bad that I ruined what was otherwise a nice picture. So now I’m conflicted, and also wondering if this means that at some point over the weekend I matured.

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Waxahatchee - Lips and Limbs (2013)

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Galaxie 500 | Final Day (Young Marble Giants Cover)

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The Replacements
Let It Be (1984)

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I think I’m going to start a Meetup group for people who aren’t on facebook.

We’ll get together and watch slideshows of member’s family and vacation photos and what they ate for lunch, take turns sharing how much we hate Mondays, our boss, our commute, and how badly we need coffee, and for fun toss in our feelings about the current weather, and then watch as two members descend into a spat on global warming, gun control or obamacare. All this while our parents and extended family are watching us via skype. It will be the same experience while being able to retain our “not on facebook” bragging rights.

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I think I’m going to start a Meetup group for people who aren’t on facebook.

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The Bevis Frond - He’d Be A Diamond (1991)

Some wonderful jangle pop from Nick Saloman

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the raveonettes - killer in the streets (acoustic)

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This would be my favorite thus far off today’s surprise album release. And as is often the case with the Raveonettes, the acoustic version rivals if not outright beats the noisy original.

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I’m running out of Cool Aunt things to do when my (now 15 y.o.) niece does the annual summer visit, but I think I did ok this round.

Sat night: Snowpiercer

Sunday: Revere Beach Sand Sculptures. Also a bit of Newbury St. shopping

Sunday night: all ages Anti-Flag/ Screaming Females show. Never would have gone to Anti-Flag on my own but they ended up being perfect for her— loud, fun, nice social justice messaging, and while on the periphery of the moshing she got knocked on her butt and covered with my beer, so of course she was in heaven.

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Sand Sculptures, Revere Beach, MA, 7-20-14

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Psychedelic Furs, “House.”

This was another of those “I’m late to the party; no one’s listening to them anymore,” albums. Still good stuff. (Other albums in that category: Seven & the Ragged Tiger, Frank, All Shook Down, On Every Street.)

Also late to the party and yes this is good, but their sound is so squarely 80s for me that it’s difficult to listen without a surge of melancholy nostalgia, not so much for an 80s I experienced as for an 80s that back then always felt out of reach.

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Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon


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So long Boston, I’m on the Fast Ferry to Provincetown.

So long Boston, I’m on the Fast Ferry to Provincetown.

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Iggy Pop - Candy (feat. Kate Pierson)

loved this song, one of the few cassingles I owned

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