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performing as Iggy Pop & the Stooges at the Pill’s 10th Annual Halloween Show at Great Scott

**NSFW** =)

New Highway Hymnal as Iggy & the Stooges for Halloween - TV Eye

I commend frontman Hadden Stemp for his… commitment to authenticity here.

(via allston)

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The New Highway Hymnal - Out with the Lights

New single from the upcoming LP Whispers. “It’s a horrific sprint through an isolated landscape, with guitars that roil and swarm like a kicked hornet’s nest, punctuated by Stemp’s tortured, soulful shrieks alternating with a J&MC leather-and-shades-posturing cool.” (via

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Why use a fancy shmancy laptop for your psychedelic effects when you can get people to play around with paint, transparencies, etc, on three old-school overhead projectors? diy, folks.

The New Highway Hymnal - Middle East Upstairs, March 31

(these phone photos don’t do it justice but oh well, it was a cool enough effect that I thought I’d share. Upcoming New Highway Hymnal dates can be found at their bandcamp. If you’re in the Boston area you really should check them out.)

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Blackened Hands - the New Highway Hymnal from Tim Oxton on Vimeo.

New Highway Hymnal - Blackened Hands

They’re great live and have a number of upcoming shows in the Boston area.

(warning, because I personally appreciate being warned about such things, there is vomiting from roughly 1:42-1:58. So if you’re an emetophobe like me then, you know, close your eyes or something)

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